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Cultivating Change, One Seed at a Time

As a collaborator at heart, I believe in the power of hands joined in soil, sweat, and solidarity.

Cultivated Roots

Discover the soul of farming and gardening and join the movement of food justice efforts nourishing communities.

Global Bites

Travel and learn with tales of the African Diaspora, exploring its' influence and connection across various cultures.

Plant-Powered Palate

Savor plant-forward culinary creations, recipes, and reviews that blend soul food inspiration with a green twist.

Heartfelt Hustles

She's on FYE!

From nurturing roots in urban gardening to stirring the soul of our community with culture and cuisine.

Every project you’ll find here is a true labor of love, y’all. It’s about pouring heart and soul into the soil of our community, mixing in a generous helping of passion, and seasoning it with the kind of dedication that only comes from a place of deep love and commitment.

Cultivating Community

Feasting on Culture

Agriculture Matters to the Future of Development



The Colour Connection

Soulie Delight Meals

Taste The Season Festival

South Florida BG

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Splurge right! Your Soulie swag is here. Our store is not just a shopping experience; it’s a celebration of culture, color, and charisma. 



This blog's all about the journey – mine and ours.

It's a collection of tales, some my own, others passed down or shared along the way. These stories weave a tapestry that links us to our past and to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.